Fisher Investments: Topics of Interest

Fisher Investments regularly evaluates important financial topics. Our goal is to educate investors while dispelling many myths that are often perpetuated by the financial media. Below are several examples of these topical evaluations, which may offer you new perspective.

A Primer on Inflation – Without careful planning for inflation's impact, investors risk outliving financial resources and eroding purchasing power without careful planning for the impact of inflation. Learn why.

Asset Allocation and Time Horizon – Learn why equity-weighted portfolios tend to have higher overall returns and lower volatility over longer time periods compared to bond-weighted portfolios.

Pitfalls of Mutual Funds – Are mutual funds right for you? Fisher Investments presents the basics of mutual funds and explains why they may be suitable for some, but not all investors. Fisher Investments examines five drawbacks to mutual fund investing, including hidden fees, lack of personalization, and tax disadvantages.

The Legend of the Stop Loss – While stop loses may seem appealing to some investors, Fisher Investments finds they can be risky. Stop-losses divert your attention from fundamentals and can force sales during corrections in a larger bull market trend – a terrible time to sell. Learn more about the basics of a stop loss and explains the potential downside.

Budget Deficits Are Good for Stocks – Many people believe budget deficits negatively impact the stock market. Fisher Investments offers historical data illustrating the opposite is actually true – stock market returns following periodic deficit extremes have been much higher than surplus peaks or decreasing deficits.

Is Self-Management in Your Best Interest? – Fisher Investments poses questions that may help determine if self-management of your financial assets is in your best interest, or not.

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