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At Fisher Investments, ongoing education is a core principle in everything we do. Founder and Executive Chairman Ken Fisher has authored 11 finance books, contributes regularly to the Financial Times, and commonly appears in the financial media. Fisher Investments carries on that tradition by offering an array of educational resources to our 45,000 private clients*—including quarterly reports, in-person seminars, and regular phone communication. Fisher Investments extends these educational resources to the public through a series of investing guides, online videos, and daily commentary at

Free Investing Guides:
15-Minute Retirement Plan

Running out of money in retirement is one of the biggest risks investors face. Working your whole life to gather enough wealth for retirement, only to realize too late it's just not enough, can be devastating. This guide addresses important issues investors face in retirement, including:

• How long your portfolio will actually need to provide for you.
• How cash distributions and inflation impact your portfolio.
• Why you need to establish a primary investment objective.

The 15-Minute Retirement Plan
Annuity Insights

Annuities are complex investment products and can trip-up the savviest investors. Before committing to an annuity, be sure to completely understand how annuities work. In this must read guide, you will learn our views on:

• Annuity features that could cost you extra fees and expenses.
• The different types of annuities and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
• Why Ken Fisher hates annuities
• Why annuity owners should do further due diligence on their annuity.

Annuity Insights
Stock Market Outlook

Where are markets going from here? Access our in-depth analysis of current investing conditions and our forecast for the period ahead. This timely report looks at key stock market drivers including market, political, and economic factors. You will learn:

• Do we expect additional market upside ahead, or is a bear market looming?
• How to position your portfolio to take advantage of current trends.
• The biggest risks to your portfolio in the next six months.

Stock Market Outlook
Eight Biggest Mistakes Investors Make

In the world of investing, there are many common mistakes investors might make. Over time, these mistakes may have a larger negative impact than anticipated, especially when it comes to retirement planning. In this must read guide, you will learn our views on:

• An important factor often overlooked when diversifying a portfolio...and how it can cost you.
• Why foreign securities can help improve portfolio performance and decrease risk.
• Plus, a serious error people often make in retirement planning.

Eight Biggest Mistakes Investors Make
  • 15-Minute Retirement Plan
  • Annuity Insights
  • Stock Market Outlook
  • Eight Biggest Mistakes Investors Make

Market Insights & Research

Whether you enjoy learning about investment strategies or keeping current with the market, Fisher Investments offers an array of educational resources ranging from investing books to market commentary. Learn more:

Retirement Resources

How do you help ensure your investments will last throughout your retirement? It starts with an appropriate investment strategy, and requires ongoing management to make sure you’re still on track. Learn more from our retirement resources:

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