Fisher Investments' Solutions for High Net Worth Investors

Building wealth

You've worked hard to build wealth—wouldn't it be nice to have your wealth now work for you? We create solutions to help our clients manage and build wealth over the long term.

The process starts by discussing your financial goals and determining what value (the terminal value objective) you wish to target for your assets at a particular future time. We then select a strategy defined by an investment benchmark to efficiently maximize the probability of achieving that objective (for example: building wealth) over the respective time horizon.

While keeping in mind the long-term strategy that seeks to fulfill your terminal value objective, we will build and then dynamically manage a portfolio which adjusts risk and return characteristics depending on our forward-looking view of market conditions.

We utilize proprietary capital markets technologies to help us enhance return to build wealth in favorable market conditions and determine when to get defensive quickly in case of foreseeable market downturns. Such flexibility in active portfolio management is not often available in conventional investment products like mutual funds, which might always be fully invested.

With our extensive research capabilities, commitment to developing ever-improving capital markets technology, and superior customer service, we provide a full-service solution to build wealth over time. We strive to efficiently and effectively grow your assets over the long term, build wealth based on your personal objectives, all while adding value through proactive asset management.

Managing assets for retirement and beyond

Will you or do you rely on your investments to support you in retirement? Is your current investment strategy meeting your retirement needs? Retirement costs are increasing rapidly as medical breakthroughs and active lifestyles enable people to live longer. We manage investments for thousands of individuals, helping them achieve their goals of making their assets last through retirement and ideally leave excess for others.

To formulate an optimal strategy, we take into consideration longevity, cash flow requirements, how much you would like to leave to the next generation, and other factors that can affect your retirement savings. We work with you to assess your current and future living expenses to determine what investment rate of return you will likely require to maintain your desired standard of living for you and your family. We then build and manage a portfolio to accommodate your cash flow needs while striving to grow or protect your assets based on your investment objectives.

Many clients must plan for the care of a surviving spouse and/or heirs. Our management style provides a seamless relationship transition as well as continued management over the assets—something the beneficiaries may not be prepared to take on themselves.

In the event that it is time for your assets to transfer to another, we can facilitate your wishes whether they are to assist your surviving spouse in retirement, transfer assets to an heir, donate them to a philanthropic organization, or whatever you would have done with your portfolio.

Leveraging professional money management

Effective money management and investment success require more than luck—it takes specialized research and analytical capabilities, knowledge of the marketplace, and an in-depth understanding of how historical patterns can guide the probabilities of future outcomes. Information overload, volatile markets, seemingly endless investment choices, and a 24/7 business week can be time prohibitive for the average investor to independently invest wisely.

Our core competency is money management in securities markets. We have decades of cumulative experience investing billions of dollars, based on tens of thousands of hours of research to ensure we know our business. We understand there aren't enough hours in the day for you to fulfill your own professional or personal obligations and keep up with the securities markets.

Our dedicated research team is committed to innovating capital markets technology to keep ahead, enabling us to invest money more wisely than ever before. Leveraging this research and experience, we have established a positive reputation in the money management industry and one of the most admired client bases in the private client community.

If your money management needs require solutions like these, please give us a call at 1-800-587-5512. We'll show you what a world-class money manager can do for you and your family.

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