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Research Milestones

  • Price to Sales Ratio
    In the early 1980s, Fisher Investments pioneered the use of the Price to Sales Ratio and detailed its relevance as a tool for investment analysis.
  • Small Cap Value
    Fisher Investments pioneered the identification of the small cap value equity universe in the mid-1980s and continues to be a leader in this style of equity management.
  • Style Cycle Research
    In the early 1990s, Fisher Investments developed research on investment styles and cycles. The company used these advancements as the foundation for a new series of broad equity mandate strategies: Global Total Return, Foreign Equity, and US Total Return.
  • Behavioral Finance
    More recently Fisher Investments' focus has been on the emerging field of behavioral finance and understanding not just the tools of finance, but also how investors use these tools. Its research has led to practical applications of behavioral finance that currently play an active role in Fisher Investments' portfolio management process.

Throughout its history, Fisher Investments' research has been showcased in numerous investment books and financial journals including The Financial Analysts Journal, The Journal of Portfolio Management, and The Journal of Behavioral Finance. 

Selected Behavioral Finance Publications

  • Sentiment, Value, and Market-Timing
    By Ken Fisher and Meir Statman
  • Consumer Confidence and Stock Returns
    By Ken Fisher and Meir Statman
  • Blowing Bubbles
    By Ken Fisher and Meir Statman
  • Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns
    By Ken Fisher and Meir Statman
  • Cognitive Biases in Market Forecasts: The Frailty of Forecasting
    By Ken Fisher and Meir Statman
  • A Behavioral Framework for Time Diversification
    By Ken Fisher and Meir Statman
  • The Mean-Variance-Optimization Puzzle: Security Portfolios and Food Portfolios
    By Ken Fisher and Meir Statman

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