Fisher Investments Advantages of Service, Transparency, Personalized Portfolios, and Low Fees

For over three decades, Fisher Investments has strived to offer personalized, unparalleled client service and money management solutions for high net worth individuals and institutional investors alike. Leveraging the comprehensive client service institutional money managers provide to their larger institutional clients, Fisher Investments has created a unique program for its clients, where personalized service is coupled with proactive investing based on client goals.

Fisher Investments: Unparalleled Customer Service

In 1995, Fisher Investments created the Private Client Group, a group dedicated to serving individual investors with the mandate to deliver institutional-level customer service. This dedication to customer service was to exceed the industry standard of having a client service representative for each client. This group strives to educate and empower clients, seeking to provide a full understanding of the firm's investment philosophy and views on the markets through a full suite of client programs including: client seminars with Ken Fisher and other senior decision makers, DVD capital markets update videos, written market outlooks, its MarketMinder web site, and other communications to continuously educate and connect with clients.

Transparency for the Individual Investor

Clients can also expect an ongoing conversation with their Investment Counselor, where market views and portfolio decisions made for that client's portfolio are discussed. The client can determine the frequency of these discussions, and can use the time to discuss details of the portfolio, the market climate, or the current IPC views on pertinent events as they relate to the global economy. This gives the client a full 360 degree perspective on the portfolio as it relates to the most current events, and offers transparency to the client as to the motivations and reasoning behind portfolio movement decisions.

Customizable Portfolios for Each Client

Fisher Investments takes into account numerous factors when building a client portfolio. Here is a sampling of what factors are taken into consideration

  • Individual investment goals: What the client wants to achieve is an important factor when building a portfolio. Not all investors have the same investment goals. Fisher Investments discusses the clients' goals and takes these goals into consideration when building the portfolio.
  • Time horizon: The time a client will need access to funds during his lifetime. Fisher Investments takes into account how long a client will need his money – especially after retirement – and will invest accordingly.
  • Cash flow requirements: Will a client need a monthly 'salary' after retirement? What money a client will need to pay bills, and maintain the current lifestyle is investigated and factored in to the investing process.
  • Outside holdings and tax status: what a client owns and owes outside of what Fisher Investments manages can effect how the portfolio should be invested. The Fisher Investments account representative will help a client walk through all his holdings to make sure the portfolio built is appropriate based on all the current assets.
  • Other factors: there could be additional factors, such as family beneficiaries, endowments, etc. that must be taken into consideration when Fisher Investments builds a client portfolio. Fisher Investments seeks to understand a client's whole financial picture in order to prudently and effectively invest for his future, based on his unique goals and fiscal makeup.

Fisher Investments Offers Low Fees and Aligned Interests

Fisher Investments is a fee-based money manager, which means Fisher Investments and clients' financial goals are aligned. Fisher Investments charges clients based on the assets under management (AUM), so increasing the value of clients' assets is in Fisher Investments' best interest.

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